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The AOD transmission is not what most would consider a sporty transmission: Drivers are limited to shifting from first gear to drive to overdrive. JB:I’ve driven a few F-150s with the 10-speed (5. In addition to the two different imbalances used by the factory, there are also places that offer flywheels and flexplates with zero imbalance (also referred to as "internally balanced" on some sites) - these are used when building a custom motor. 8 limited slip rear end, 3. Other than that, you need to find a harness from the classifieds here, want ads, ebay or junk. 73’s, therefore the majority of people simply go 3.

. 0L) engines in 1981. · + Mustang Manual vs Automatic Transmissions When looking at the new + Mustang, the slider shifts quite a bit towards the automatic transmission when comparing it to the manual counterpart. 0 OHV: The following parts are from aMustang II with a 2.

Automatic vs Manual Mustangs Whether it’s a weekend cruiser and easy daily driving that you’re after, or an all-around driver&39;s car that is a blast to drive on the twisties, there really isn’t a right answer when it comes to choosing the right transmission for your Mustang. See full list on rowand. Our PP1 was a loaded GT with leather, a digital instrument cluster, adjustable active exhaust, forward collision warning with adaptive cruise control, Shaker Pro stereo, MagneRide suspension and 10-speed automatic transmission.

The 1985 Mustang came with either a. . The difference in enjoyment is noticeable. An 86-93 V-8 Mustang will run without this switch. 0L Mustangs with a manual transmission, including LX 5. As far as I can tell, there are two basic ways that the flywheels and flexplates differed - size (diameter and number of teeth) and the amount of imbalance that they contain (Many/most Ford V8 engines are externally balanced from the factory). You can also clearly see the clutch operating area on the smaller flywheel on the right. It has a 302 engine.

The PCM will need to be the proper unit either for an automatic or manual transmission. The trans harness is the main harness that runs from driver&39;s kick panel over to the trans tunnel. The early seventy 302s used the same starter on either flywheel and the only difference between the auto and manual starters is a reinforcing rib that will hit the flywheel in the other application. It&39;s hard to do that in the automatic without actually flooring it, whereas in the manual, you can hold a gear at partial throttle, if you want. The car is green. See more results. &39;74 beater, 5.

· Sounds to me like you have an early Mustang speed density engine harness which had a 5-wire connector at the o2 harness, vs the later 1989+ (Mustang) engine harnesses which had a 7-wire connector. The wheels are 1. Step 2) In vacant area, do a burnout (i. We’ve run as fast as 11. The wide tires grab every line and rut in the road and tug at the steering wheel, making a white-knuckled, high-strung drive no matter how short or long. 73 gears nice paint,. Two of us thought a lot, but one didn’t. What is a 1985 Mustang GT?

The exterior of the Mustang GT was quite similar to previous years with a minor grill change and some new GT badging options. e: from a stop, drop the clutch and floor it) Step 3) After wheels stop spinning, stop Mustang and exit it. 164 tooth flywheel (left) and 157 tooth flywheel (right) - you can see the size difference if you look closely. 0 V8 Aod Automatic trans, 53,xxx miles, upgraded radiator, new a/c, evap and heater core, bbk shorty headers w/ flowmasters 8. 0, GT and SVT Cobra models. Excellent condition; purchased from the family of the.

Auto= DA1 or equivalent. difference in 1985 mustang harness auto vs manual Mustang T5 transmissions used a 157 tooth flywheel and a 10. Only car with mass air and no air bag. Everything from the brakes to the aerodynamics have been retuned to the new limits provided by the tires. Fox Body Mustang Wiring. Do you see two clear tires lines in the asphalt? I don&39;t remember which one - but one will work for either applications in the early models and the same starter is used in all Ford small block.

More Info › 1985 Ford Mustang. · The 1985 V-8 Mustangs had an "Overdrive Indicator" switch on the passenger side of the top cover. There’s only one transmission on PP2 cars, a six-speed manual, versus the as-tested PP1 with a 10-speed automatic; yes, we know, blasphemy that one’s an auto, but that’s how it shook out. And here’s where it gets. The VSS, the NGS and the reverse lights.

Credit Ford for fanning the flames with the awesome 5R55SMustang GT) and 6R. Some don&39;t notice its absence. Get yourMustang wired up the right way with Late Model Restoration&39;s Fox Body wiring harnesses!

0 V8 heart and five-speed manual. This is due to the debut of the 10R80 10-Speed Automatic Transmission, new to the Mustang for the model year. The table below shows the nine different possibilities you have.

I think I’m good. 5" or 10" clutch disc. And here’s the kicker: The Brembo brakes are physically the same between the cars. It makes for one planted, secure and confident track car. 0L and a 5-spd manual transmission and uses an 11-inch clutch. The PP2’s brakes are easier to manage at their limits with smoother pedal modulation near antilock braking system intervention.

This was only the second year of the AOD transmission in the Mustang. 0L Mustang) automatic transmissions as they have gone toe-to-toe on the drag strip with stick-shift equipped Mustangs. I mention it because that stuff is out there - so be aware of it if you are working on a custom high performance motor that you do not know the entire history of. car when coming to a stop. However, there are numerous and important differences difference in 1985 mustang harness auto vs manual between the years. Money Back Guarantee! This harness is brand new and made with OEM hardware. Step 4) Examine tire marks.

Haynes Publishing is the home of car, difference in 1985 mustang harness auto vs manual motorcycle, scooter and ATV manuals, as well as a range of other specialist topics in print and digital formats. Under the car, 3 pigtails come out of the trans tunney. Ford Mustang Mach-E makes its European entrance. As with the C4, the size of the flexplate generally seemed to follow the size of the car it was used in. C6 transmissions could have used either the 157 or 164 tooth flexplates, depending on which case it had.

A bigger clutch means more holding power with less force, which is why you often see the larger 11" clutches and 164 tooth flywheels used in the trucks and larger cars, and the smaller 10" or 10. It includes all of the connectors for the following: A/C, ignition coil, oil/temp sending units, connects distributor to ignition module, other misc pieces on motor. I know he is working on other harnesses. It’s in stark contrast to the PP1, which after the 10-speed automatic settles down at highway speeds, lets the engine loaf along at 70 mph.

The only difference between the two are the wider wheels and tires, and unique antilock brake logic, which went a long way to making the car a more potent stopper. · Ford SYNC 3 vs SYNC 4. Picking up a Mustang with a manual transmission allows you to feel many aspects of the car that an automatic transmission just doesn’t. 157 tooth flywheel sitting on top of a 164 tooth flywheel - you can see the 164 tooth flywheel peeking out from behind the 157 tooth flywheel, showing the size difference. From my research so far, it seems that manual transmission applications (flywheels) and automatic transmission applications (flexplates) generally used the sa. Hollie was thrilled with the PP2 as a track car, giving it a 10 out of 10 in the would a pro drive it category. Buy Top Products On eBay.

The PP2’s suspension gets stiffer componentry and uniquely tuned standard MagneRide shock absorbers, which are optional on the PP1 (and were equipped on our test car). AB:This is the exact spec level of what someone would buy if they wanted the maximum amount of fun for minimum cost. 5 seconds off her best PP1 lap times behind the wheel of the PP2. JB: Shelby GT350s have the notoriety of the Shelby name and embroidered snake jacket to wear at car shows, but the PP2’s performance feels closer to the GT350 while the price is closer to the regular Mustang. · The only harness made is the engine harness. 5" clutches and 157 tooth flywheels used in the smaller cars. The Fox Body Mustang wiring harness can be chewed up by rats if the car has been sitting for a long time.

With the help of 5. The combination of faster cornering speeds and more braking confidence around GingerMan’s 2. The PP1 is a pleasant balance of handling proficiency and drivability, so how badly did the PP2’s stiffer springs, shock tuning and mustang mammoth-wide front tires impact its drivability? Auto starter pinion is unshrouded by the starter body. AB:Both cars have excellent braking performance, but Joe’s right: The PP2 is built around those Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. Apparently, they were only used in a few "small" vehicles like the V8 Mustang II installations.

The neutral switches are not on the 83-84 and the 94 and newer T-5&39;s. Ford light-duty trucks often used a 164 tooth flexplate and an 11" clutch disc, though some heavy-duty trucks used much larger clutches. This car was appraised in at 18,750. 55:1 gear is another solid choice for 5/6-speeds.

Painless Wiring Harnesses Painless Performance - 30 Years of Wiring Solutions NEW Project Truck: Chassis 71 Suburban Home Wrenchers Ep. Manual transmission. Where the PP2 out-did the PP1 in dynamic driving, it did so in a big way, running more than 4 seconds faster around GingerMan versus the PP1 in the hands of pro instructor Heiser, and stopping more than 5 feet shorter from 60 mph. G-Tech numbers show a increase in the 1/4-mile trap speed from 107 mph (AOD) to 111 mph after! This section of difference in 1985 mustang harness auto vs manual harness connects the main vehicle harness to the transmission area, but does not include short harness at transmission. Fox Mustang Restoration has at least one. 001 Functional Ram Air EFI + Rewired the Car!

3 inches tall for the PP2 versus 27. Manual trans engines require engine harness GU5Z-12A581-EF available from your local Ford Dealer. Adding a bunch of go-fast parts to any car’s suspension is usually a sure way to ruin daily drivability. No discounts apply. 9 seconds in this exact car in the quarter-mile, but times were two to three tenths slower on this hotter, humid test day (Cars. You may not be able to find this size flywheel/flexplate in the 50oz or "none" imbalance configurations, at least not easily. More Info › 1985 Ford Mustang LC 5.

Perhaps the biggest differentiator between the packages is the PP2’s considerably wider, racier tires: Michelin’s track-day Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber sized 305/30R19 front and rear, which are a step up from the PP1’s 255/40R19 front and 275/40R19 rear Pilot Sport 4Stires, themselves no slouches and more common on European sports cars than American muscle cars.

Difference in 1985 mustang harness auto vs manual

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